How long do orders typically take to ship out?

Our maximum turn around time is 3 weeks or 28 business days, unless otherwise specified. If it is ever longer, due to excessive orders and us being very small, it will be stated in the announcement bar at the top of the home page of the website. Customers may always email us at our customer service email, nfrweekly@gmail.com , for information at any time during the process, we’re happy to help. 

How long does a custom order/original design take to ship after purchase? 

We work as quickly on orders as possible. A custom order/ original design will never take longer than 3 weeks or 28 business days to ship out unless otherwise specified. Most ship in just one week! 

How can NFR Weekly be reached?

It is easiest to reach NFR Weekly through our customer service email nfrweekly@gmail.com. We are also always available at any of our social medias as well as through the contact tab on this website. We check all outlets regularly and are happy to help in anyway we can!


Does NFR Weekly ship outside of the United States?

Not at this time, sadly, but as we grow we are working on it and will update whenever we are able to do so.