Collection: NFR Weekly Customs

Here is where you’ll find the one of a kind, only found from us, amazing piece or pieces you fell in love with from our Tiktok or other socials! 

I make entirely too many pieces to list them and with them being completely custom, it’d be really hard to list them as generic listings. This way it is easier on you and for you, my valued customer. You can come to this collection, click the category associated with what you’re wanting, purchase a custom slot and you’re on your way to the beautiful piece that caught your eye or the one you’ve been wanting but haven’t been able to find anywhere!

Under tops, you’ll find any top we have available or you can request a totally new design of your own making!

Under bottoms, you’ll find all pants, flares, short designs and colors, and here is where you can get your own crazy design dreams fulfilled!

Under sets, you’ll find all of our sets we offer.

Under hats & accessories, yep you guessed it all of our accessories like glam slinger sleeves and cowhide Apple Watch bands as well as here is where you’ll request a custom hat!

PLEASE NOTE: The fee you pay for a custom slot is non refundable as well as not reflective of the total amount due at time of shipment. It will, however, be subtracted from your total overall amount, it is just like paying a deposit and then that deposit going toward your final bill. The fee paid is not for a psychical product but for a custom slot.