Collection: Boxes

This is our collection of NFR Weekly style western boxes! All inspired by our original Mystery Buckle Box, where you get one top, one bottom, and one accessory all for $39.99! More options were wanted so here they are! Let’s explore them and explain the differences!

The Mystery Buckle Box

The best thing about this box is the possibilities are endless and the price is unbelievable! You have a chance to get anything in this grab bag style outfit box, from western glam to graphic tees to western staples! The price makes the chance all worth the while! 

The NFR Weekly Style Box 

In this box you get to be more choosy! Still a mystery BUT you can pick your style moreso, 4 styles to choose from, and for our long and short legged girls you can get pants in these, which are hard to come by we know! A little more in price but a lot more control over what you’ll get!



Guaranteed GLAM! It’s a mystery as to what glamorous pieces you’ll receive but no mystery that they’ll 100% be glam. Another small step up in price but boy howdy is it worth it for the GLAM SLINGING pieces sent out in these.